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Show Info

The Winter Experience

January 11, 2025

Emera Innovation Exchange

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Memorial University

Background Information

The Luxury Wedding Show joined the wedding scene in 2017 when we recognized that couples were looking for a more exclusive, intimate type of wedding show experience.

Bringing our wealth of wedding knowledge, some great new ideas, as well as a love for the industry, the Luxury experience was born and very well received by newly engaged couples, and wedding exhibitors looking for something new!

With limited categories per vendor, and a true emphasis on client bookings,

The Luxury Wedding Show is a great tool for even the most experienced Wedding Vendor.

The Luxury Wedding Show is NOT a trade show – it’s an boutique EXPERIENCE.

We want to showcase the best of the best!

We want YOU to book weddings, and be a part of the Luxury Experience!

Our success comes from our interactive stations, keeping guests engaged throughout the show with food, drinks, live seminars, music, luxurious prizes, as well as our map contest.


The Map:

Each guest will be given a Map of the Venue with their Welcome gift, on the map there will be a block for each vendor. Guests will need to get a stamp or signature from every vendor on the map in order to enter for the Grand Prize. This gives every vendor to opportunity to engage with more potential clients and showcase what they have to offer.